More than anything, even with University to look forward to back home, I don’t want to leave Scotland.

I don’t think anything fucks you up more than reading Freud late at night.

"that’s postmodern as fuck, man"

New addiction to Orange is the New Black

And when I think about where I’ll be in just a few months, I get so overwhelmingly excited.

Starting the English Patient and already can tell I’m going to love it way too much and that’s why I don’t want to read it

I want to stay up late and talk about God and dying and good books and the chemical build up of rain and how my favourite kind of happiness is the one where you’ll still a little bit sad and all of the things and people I’m going to miss

And I’m smiling because he would have been proud of me

And for those moments tonight, you and I both saw how silly and futile and ever so frustrating the rest of the world was

Why do so many girls dream of being married

I dream of having a job I can go to and love everyday, of being able to pay for my own place and car, and of being able to feel great walking around my own house in expensive lingerie that no one else gets to see except my kitty

I am little miss pipedream.

I have way too many feelings from A Tale of Two Cities.


Alex this is for you

My friend set these as her snap chat story as we were driving to the Miley Cyrus concert. I told her they reminded me of the pictures of the sky with deep captions on Tumblr - so she uploaded them on Tumblr.

i like my bf

Watching Rent and now emotionally unstable