Why do so many girls dream of being married

I dream of having a job I can go to and love everyday, of being able to pay for my own place and car, and of being able to feel great walking around my own house in expensive lingerie that no one else gets to see except my kitty

I am little miss pipedream.

I have way too many feelings from A Tale of Two Cities.


Alex this is for you

My friend set these as her snap chat story as we were driving to the Miley Cyrus concert. I told her they reminded me of the pictures of the sky with deep captions on Tumblr - so she uploaded them on Tumblr.

i like my bf

Watching Rent and now emotionally unstable

I can’t stop smiling right now. First college acceptance feels so, so good.

it made me so very sad that the underpinnings of your soul were filled with resentment

I’m in love with everything

And it’s like all of the weight of being an adult and all of the limits of being a child press down on you until we find that crack of escape.

How will I ever get through my senior year of high school? 

"don’t let them fuck with your heart; your head’s already smarter than the whole lot"

in scotland at laaaast